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Roller Ball Massager

Roller Ball Massager

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Back Relaxer and Stress Release Massager

  • Eliminate Soreness & Joint Pain - Use as a self massage tool to soothe aches and pains. Ask a partner to help with tough to reach parts of your body such as the lower back and shoulders. Strong enough to roll out muscle knots yet gentle enough to use on your head or neck.
  • Essential Oils & Cold Therapy - Safe to use with essential or massage oils. Freeze to use as a cryo ball to help with blood circulation, inflammation, and tension. The drainage hole at the bottom makes it easy to clean. Just wash with dish soap and water.
Material: Resin
Color: Red, Green, Blue, Purple
Size: 6 * 6cm / 2.36 * 2.36in 
Weight: 141g / 4.95oz


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